Murano Floral Artistic Chandeliers

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The Palazzo Donà chandelier is a model of aquatic chandelier from our Murano glass floral collection, entirely handmade by Venetian glass masters. Featuring iris flowers, also known as snapdragons, this refined chandelier features a unique color scheme with an opal background, light blue flowers and yellow trim, which will add a touch of elegance and color to any room.

Main features of the Palazzo Donà chandelier:

Made of authentic Murano glass;
100% Made in Italy;
Aquatic floral design with iris flowers;
Opal background, light blue flowers and yellow finishes;
Fully customizable in terms of color, shape and size.
The Palazzo Donà chandelier is available in different configurations and prices:

6 lights model: height 90cm, diameter 85cm, 6 E14 LED lights;
8 lights model: height 110cm, diameter 100cm, 8 E14 LED lights;
12 lights model: height 130cm, diameter 120cm, 12 E14 LED lights;
24 lights model: height 130cm, diameter 120cm, 24 E14 LED lights;

This chandelier can be fully customized, offering you the possibility to modify the height, diameter, number of lights and colors of both the frame and the glass components, to create a unique and customized piece for your home.

If you wish to customize the Palazzo Donà chandelier, contact us and we will be happy to collaborate with you to develop your personalized model, taking into account your tastes and the most suitable environment for this splendid chandelier. Together, we will create a high quality, authentic Murano glass artwork that will illuminate your home with sophistication and elegance.