Murano Floral Artistic Chandeliers

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The Corte dei Muti chandelier is a work of art belonging to the floral collection, made entirely by hand in Murano glass by Venetian glass masters, following the ancient tradition. This model is a faithful reproduction of an ancient 18th century floral chandelier, with a fascinating and refined design.

Main features:

Crystal green color with polychrome paste flowers;
Made of Murano glass by Venetian glass masters;
Floral style inspired by the ancient 18th century chandeliers;
100% Made in Italy, handmade art glass.
Dimensions and prices:

Model 6 lights: height 110 cm, diameter 88 cm;
Model 8 lights: height 100 cm, diameter 90 cm;
Model 12 lights: height 130 cm, diameter 100 cm;
Model 24 lights: height 130 cm, diameter 100 cm;

The Corte dei Muti chandelier can be fully customized to perfectly fit your needs and preferences. Both the size and the number of lights and the color of the frame and glass components can be modified to create a unique and bespoke piece.

If you would like to customize your Corte dei Muti Murano glass chandelier, please contact us to discuss customization options and confidential negotiations. We will be happy to work with you to create a personalized model that combines the ancient art of Venetian glassmaking with an 18th century inspired floral design, bringing a touch of elegance and history to your environment.