Edea Murano Chandelier is a modern dealership which works closely with the most important artisan glassmakers of Murano and deals with the marketing of quality and certified chandeliers, suspension lamps, tables and floor lamps. Our reality was born from the passion for the uniqueness and beauty of these furnishing objects known and appreciated all over the world.

Edea Murano Chandelier for years has selected the most interesting furnaces in the province of Venice which have demonstrated over time experience and extraordinary manual skill in blown glass processing. Today Edea offers its customers works of extraordinary beauty and uniqueness. The articles that you will find in our catalogue are rigorously made by our Venetian glass masters, custodians of this wonderful art that has been handed down from generation to generation. Every single item is a unique piece, with attention to every detail; no article is the same as another because each of these is made entirely by hand and comes with its own certificate of guarantee which certifies both its origin and its creation according to the original Murano techniques.

We have given our articles the names of the Venetian and Murano calli, but also of the Venetian masks and the Venetian opera house. Many of our chandeliers, due to their size and extraordinary beauty, illuminate the lobbies of prestigious hotels, sumptuous villas and cruise ships around the world.