Murano Floral Artistic Chandeliers

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The Calle Boldù chandelier is an elegant floral creation from the Murano glass chandelier collection, entirely handmade by Venetian glass masters. With a light green crystal base and polychrome iris decorations, this chandelier will add a touch of sophistication and color to any room.

Main features of the Calle Boldù chandelier:

Made of authentic Murano glass;
100% Made in Italy;
Light green crystal base;
Floral decorations with polychrome irises;
Elegant and refined design;
Different configurations available;
Fully customizable in terms of color, shape and size.
Choose from four different configurations to find the perfect chandelier for your space:

12 lights model: height 140cm, diameter 120cm, 12 E14 LED lights;
24 lights model: height 140cm, diameter 120cm, 24 E14 LED lights;
8 lights model: height 110cm, diameter 100cm, 8 E14 LED lights;
6 lights model: height 90 cm, diameter 85 cm, 6 E14 LED lights.

The Calle Boldù chandelier is fully customizable, offering you the possibility to modify the height, diameter, number of lights and colors of both the frame and the glass components, to create a unique and tailor-made piece for your home.

To discuss customization options and to receive information on confidential negotiations, please contact us. We would be delighted to work with you to create a custom Calle Boldù chandelier that reflects your style and needs, illuminating your home with high quality, authentic Murano glass artwork.