Murano Floral Artistic Chandeliers

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The Calle dei Orbi chandelier is a unique and distinctive model of the floral collection, entirely handmade in Murano glass by Venetian glass masters. The Fumé colour, combined with amber paste details and transparent white and smoked pendants, make this chandelier a sophisticated and fascinating work of art.

Main features:

Height: 60cm;
Diameter: 50cm;
Lights: 6 E14 LEDs;

Made of Murano glass by Venetian glass masters;
100% Made in Italy, handmade art glass.

The Calle dei Orbi chandelier can be fully customized, offering the possibility to change the size, the number of lights and the color, in order to meet your needs and preferences.

To discuss customization options and confidential negotiations, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to collaborate with you to create a customized model of the Calle dei Orbi chandelier in Murano glass, combining the traditional art of glassmaking with an elegant and unique floral design, which will add a touch of style to your environment.