We collaborate with world-renowned architects and interior designers to bring the timeless beauty and high-quality craftsmanship of our Murano Chandeliers into the homes of discerning and tasteful people. We assist professionals in furnishing, creating bespoke pieces for exclusive homes, hotels, restaurants, private villas, and many other types of environments.

The production of Murano glass masters spans a wide range of items ranging from large chandeliers for prestigious environments to lighting product supplies such as pendant lamps, table lamps, wall lamps, and other lighting solutions. Our master craftsmen work closely with customers to understand their needs and create pieces of art that perfectly reflect their style. We offer the possibility to fully customize every detail of the product, from the choice of color and type of glass processing, to the addition of precious details such as gold and silver.

Exclusive Conditions with No Surprises

The architects and interior designers we collaborate with boast an invoice discount that can reach up to 30% on the retail price; this allows them to guarantee an adequate margin for negotiation or profit on all times they intervene in purchasing negotiations. We also ship worldwide with carefully prepared packaging to protect our creations during the trip. Additionally, we offer post-sale assistance for any information or the supply of spare parts.

Edea Murano Chandelier is the ideal partner for those seeking excellence in design and interior decoration.

A Winning Collaboration with Furnishing Professionals

With architects and interior designers, we have established a winning collaboration to create bespoke solutions. The range of Murano Chandeliers we propose is very wide and of varied typology. Our ability to work on request creating custom-made realizations and satisfying every need, guaranteeing a high level of quality, is of great importance. We study each technical detail together and we can create samples for all those requests that are not part of our collections.

Over the years, there have been numerous examples of realizations, including:

- Large chandeliers made for precious large environments
- Supplies of large quantities of lighting products such as wall lamps and chandeliers of various types, styles, and sizes.
- Outdoor chandeliers with particular technical requirements
- Elements for the embellishment of hotel room furniture such as engraved mirrored glass components for the decoration of beds and sofas.
- Illuminated and non-illuminated mirrors with various decorations or engravings and of different sizes. Mirrored and non-mirrored consoles, decorated or not.

We leave a wide margin for customization and provide the necessary assistance to achieve an excellent finished product.

Our Products: Murano Chandeliers for Every Need

The final possible variants vary based on numerous different characteristics:

- Modern style Murano Chandeliers

- Luxury Murano Chandeliers

- Classic style Murano Chandeliers

- Floral Murano Chandeliers

- Murano Chandeliers in Liberty and Decò style