Modern Artistic Chandeliers

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The Corte dei Barbari chandelier in Murano glass is a luxurious and modern illuminating sculpture, composed of 235 flames of various colors and different processes. Its particular frame hides the lights inside, creating a modern and surprising lighting when switched on, thanks to the explosion of lights and colors that pass through the glass.

Main features:

Height: 200 cm;
Diameter: 100 cm;
Lights: 20 G9 LED;
Flames: 235;
Made of Murano glass by Venetian glass masters;
100% Made in Italy, handmade art glass.

The Corte dei Barbari chandelier offers a wide range of customizations, allowing you to change height, diameter, number of internal lights, shape, type and number of flames. You can also customize the color of the flames, choosing between a single color or multiple transparent and/or paste shades.

For a customized quote and dedicated assistance, contact us to discuss customization options and confidential negotiations. The Corte dei Barbari chandelier in Murano glass represents the excellence of Italian design and the art of glass making, transforming your environment into a carnival of emotions, joy and liveliness.