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The Rio Dardanelli chandelier is a modern and fascinating work of art made entirely by hand in Murano glass by Venetian glass masters. Its structure, consisting of a central frame to which all the flames are linked, recalls the seabed and the underwater world, transforming the chandelier into a dream that takes the form of a wonderful and relaxing sight for the eyes. Its modern but natural lighting manages to capture the attention and awaken the soul of the environment that surrounds it.

Main features:

Height: 210 cm;
Diameter: 150 cm;
Lights: 6 LED dots;
Flames: 700;
Made of Murano glass by Venetian glass masters;
100% Made in Italy, handmade art glass.

The Rio Dardanelli chandelier can be completely customized, with the possibility of modifying the height and diameter, choosing the colors and creating a shaded effect or mixing different colours.

To discuss customization options and confidential negotiations, please contact us directly. We will be happy to assist you in the creation of your Rio Dardanelli Murano glass chandelier, combining the mastery of Venetian glass art with a modern and fascinating design, which will make your rooms unique and evocative.