Modern Artistic Floor Lamps

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The Scaramouche floor lamp is a floor lamp characterized by soft and delicate lines that recall the elegant shape of a flower petal. With the possibility of full customization, this floor lamp offers sophisticated and trendy lighting for your home. The main features of the Scaramouche floor lamp include:

Height of 170 cm and diameter of 20 cm, suitable for different spaces and sizes;
E26 LED light, for high quality and efficient lighting;
Frames available in chrome or satin chrome;
Customizable glass with a wide range of colours;
Glass lampshades with satin effect or other effects;
Made with Murano glass and high quality and resistant materials;
Complete customization, with the possibility of modifying the height, diameter, number of lights and color of the glass components.

If you want elegant and customizable lighting, the Scaramouche floor lamp is the right choice for you. Contact us to develop your personalized model together, creating a unique work of art that fits perfectly with your style and needs.