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The Corte Ricciolina coffee table is a unique and sophisticated work of art, entirely handmade like all our items. Key features of this stunning coffee table include:

Crystal leaves (as many as you like) arranged in a double row on the base, which create an elegant flower and give a touch of charm and luxury to the whole design
A smooth round glass top with a thickness of 1cm, ideal for displaying your valuables or for placing drinks and nibbles
Table diameter of 40 cm and height of 50 cm, which make it a versatile piece of furniture suitable for any environment, both modern and classic
Bases in biancone marble with a thickness of 4 cm, to ensure stability and durability over time
Every single element of the table can be fully customized according to the customer's personal taste, allowing you to create a unique and unmistakable piece

Do you want to customize it? Contact us and we will develop your personalized model together, adapting the Corte Ricciolina coffee table to your style and needs. Let yourself be conquered by the beauty and Italian craftsmanship of this splendid coffee table with Murano glass top, which will add a touch of elegance and refinement to your environment.